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Tyvek Homewrap / Duragal fence posts / Gal Drain hollow sections



Tyvek Homewrap

Treco Steel has been the official New South Wales distributor of DuPont’s breathable building wrap for over 20 years. Treco currently stocks the 30 mtr rolls of Tyvek HomeWrap in both the 2743mm and 3048mm widths.

All it takes is 45 minutes and you’ll know why Tyvek HomeWrap is a better way to go whenever you insulate walls with batts. Because in just 45 minutes, 2 tradesmen using Tyvek HomeWrap can cover an average 12 square house. You can cover from floor to ceiling (now even higher ones) in one pass. You can also go right over window and door openings, leaving them protected until you come back later.

And it’s light. Yet it’s super tough, and cuts clean and easy with a sharp knife.

The weatherproof strength of Tyvek HomeWrap means you can leave the job (even if the brickies aren’t due for weeks) and get on to other jobs at other sites. This adds up to more control over your time – and more cash.

The properties of Tyvek HomeWrap makes it an ideal material when you’re insulating walls with batts. Tyvek not only keeps the batts in place due to its strength but also dry during construction. Then, because Tyvek “breathes”, it reduces the risk of moisture build-up due to condensation. As a result, batts stay dry and retain their insulation efficiency.

So, why choose Tyvek HomeWrap? BECAUSE IT WORKS!

30 mtr rolls in widths of 2743mm or 3048mm.


Tyvek Accessories

Treco Steel now stocks the following DuPont Tyvek accessories:

  • Tyvek FlexWrap –
  • Tyvek Flashing Tape - 100mm wide rolls @ 22.9 metres long
  • Tyvek Contractor Tape - 48mm wide rolls @ 50.0 metres long

An integral component of DuPont Weatherization Systems, DuPont FlexWrap is a conformable, self-adhesive flashing solution for sills and non-straight portions of windows, doors and other wall penetrations.

DuPont™ FlexWrap™ NF is a premium performance, extendable self- adhered flashing material that can be applied over a wide range of building substances, including non-nailable sheathing materials like PS foam board, fibreboard, concrete masonry unit (CMU) and other such materials. Unlike competitive products, DuPont FlexWrap does not require the use of mechanical fasteners in the flexed corner areas.

DuPont FlexWrap also flashes round-top or custom-shaped windows in a seamless manner, eliminating the need to cut and place individual pieces of conventional flashing on an arched opening

DuPont Tyvek Flashing Tape is a peel and stick flashing tape with a 100% butyl adhesive layer for use around framed joinery openings as a secondary weather resistant barrier!

DuPont Tyvek Flashing Tape is great for sealing corners, jambs and the head of window & door rough openings of timber & steel framed buildings (some design considerations apply) prior to window installation. DuPont Tyvek Flashing Tape is compatible with most building materials including concrete and treated timber.

A critical component of any wall underlay system. DuPont Tyvek Contractor Tape is engineered to chemically bond with DuPont Tyvek weather barriers to create a continuous seal at all seams against air and water penetration.